Since the forex market is a 24 hr trading market and also trades during different time zones of the world, the ‘big players’ or ‘operators’ create market sentiments during different sessions of the day and reverse using data releases. They don’t continue with the same market sentiments during all the 3 sessions of the day. They initially create USD negative sentiments and induce traders to take buy positions in other majors. This move takes a longer duration and creates anti-USD sentiments amongst the traders. The traders initially take smaller positions and quickly book profit during rise in other majors. Then the traders feel the going is good and over commit with positions due to greed and later find that the big players quickly reverse the market unassumingly in order to trap the bullish traders.

Then for any further data released from US or from Europe they either say the negative factor of USD is already built in the pricing or discounted. The big players weaken other majors giving through media, free analysis and market commentary so that the market looks for next data like interest rate decision of FOMC etc.

During the rise in other majors the free analysis will give the projections that EURO can go up to 1.42 and GBP to 2.1 in 2-3 months. During the slide of EURO and GBP the same analysts explain that the hedge funds were active and hence other majors correct.  In each instance,  market commentary and explanations use different excuses or attributes like sub-prime, carry trade, carry trade unwinding, liquidation of positions, hedge funds activity etc. They know very well that the ordinary traders can only accept such attributes with surprise and cannot verify them in any manner. 

Operators continue to provide market sentiments and when traders freely commit more positions they then make moves in order to trap and act against the traders.  

Since the big players have huge money power and also need to invest and make more money to sustain their wealth, they play a game (gamble) against the small traders who often fall prey every time thinking that “what is visible in the market must be true”. 

The traders are often gripped by panic when the market moves against them and cut the loss making position or alternatively,  when the market moves in their favor they fail to book profit out of greed. They continue to say that the market invariably moved against them in spite of their good understanding of charts and other statistical derivations. When the traders continue to act emotionally and lose the money, the operators know well how to exploit their herd mentality again and again. 

So a professional trader views the market calmly with full control of their emotions and patiently waits for the good opportunities to come around. When the market rises one needs to understand why it is rising – the big players quickly rise to market to sell and book profit in their positions. Similarly they quickly drop the market to buy against their selling. Hence trading along with the big players may appear that one is trading against the market, but if there is good understanding of the types of market moves the big players make, one can easily understand operators’ intentions and trade at ease to make consistent profit.