The world Financial markets are governed by the X-factor — The X-Factor is the Combination of Intrinsic Factors related to Economy, Commerce, Political Events, demand and supply of securities in a given time. Our Prediction model, developed based on Correlated Number Theory accurately provide forecasts of The market direction, trend, trend reversal movements, timing and entry and exit levels for our subscribed members.

The international forex,commodity and stock markets exhibit intra-day volatility, swift in trading zone, consolidation, extended correction or rise, directionless conditions, surprise swing and trend reversal, while trading on market sentiments. Risk management during trading is often a major task for day traders, position traders, Banks, Treasuries and large financial institutions. Many statistical analysts use different algorithms and statistical models to project the future expected trends and directions- so called forecast. But such analysis use past performance records, and hence trend reversals come as a surprise to them, as the past performance doesn’t guarantee the future. The trend reversal during intra-day and for the long term is a major component to be understood well to be a successful trader.

The traders at any given buy or sell level, will view the same level differently depending on the news or sentiment.The market makers/facilitators/operators use different strategies, news and rumors, political developments etc to their advantage to bring in swings within the market. They create a bullish mood to sell and bearish mood to buy. They never do hat-tricks. The shift in trading zone causes confusion and comes as a surprise to the trader who fails to act smartly and as a result misunderstands the direction of the market.Keep in mind that the operators create the market sentiments and act against the traders from time to time.

Understanding the intention of the operator from time to time and trade accordingly will give promising results. But how do we understand when they bring in changes in levels faster than we think?…

The X-Factor
In the process of understanding the Financial markets , conventionally our earlier analysts refer the unknown ‘governing factor’ influencing the operators to determine the market moves as “X- Factor”. Besides, the Combination of Intrinsic Factors and parameters affecting financial markets such as economic condition, political factor, international events, financial crisis, trade mismatch, the rumors, news, operators sentiments and investors herd mentality, the celestial bodies also influence and determine the market volatility.

A bit of Astro-physics in simplified form:
The stars and the planets of our milkway galaxy either emit or refract the energy/electro magnetic impulses. Their intensity of transmission varies depending upon the angle of incidence, distance, timings etc. We as humans in the process of thinking and decision making also emit similar magnetic impulses (recorded as EEG -Electro-encephalogram) which is broadly classified as positive and negative energy conditions and are used to classify mentally weak and strong personalities.Mentally weak persons are more influenced during such interaction between the magnetic plexus from time to time which determines/influences our decision making process . So the traders and the operators are under the umbrella of such forces and take varied decisions and bring in bullish or bearish feel of the markets during different time frames.

Our ancient philosophers:
The Egyptian and Indian philosophers and astronomers determined the calendar and the numerals based on the spinning moves of such celestial bodies and their influence on earth.We know the quantified values of the numbers are determined based on that. But the synergic impact of the magnetic plexus and the qualitative values of the numbers are used as input in our forecast algorithm – Correlated Number Theory;™. It is a hierarchical cluster and principal component analyses model. The basic function of the model is to provide the set properties of numerals in their combinations as odd and even factors. The qualitative and derived factors of such components are comparable constants. Such constants are used in the sequential combinations of the earth days, weeks, months and years to derive the directions and trends of the market moves. The algorithm gives accurate forecast of the financial market moves including currency,commodity and stock markets as weighted moving average values (WMA) of currency pairs, commodities, stocks and indices. Such expected transactions based on human interactions, are given as the specific forecasts.

Our Prediction model accurately provides the forecasts of the market direction, timing, levels and intra-day and long-term trend reversals.
The X-Factor — the unknown factors influencing the financial markets are now known.. Twelve years of post doctoral research into the factors, which could probably influence the market, which are not normally taken into consideration were analyzed with the understanding that the existing parameters and inputs have the limitations in projecting the trend of the financial markets. The fundamental and technical analyses are having the limitations especially while projecting the intra-day and long-term trend reversal phases and market timings. Those follow either one or both finally end up in telling that the news or rumor gave the trigger for the market to move in unexpected direction. As long as the market appears to move in any one favor they find it comfortable and try to increase the exposure due to pressure of greed or the emotional stress to earn back the lost money and later face surprise.

The mental condition, market fear and the tendency to make emotional trades is common among all traders irrespective of the part of world they belong to. The real problem lies in the decision making process of the trading fraternity. In a given time some decide to sell and others decide to buy at a same level. Then the market perception is divided. Any one-side position takers lose and the other gains. At times, when the decision is not taken at the right time it may not be valid as the market moves up or down as a race against time and make the decision wrong. Timely decision to enter and exit are the crucial factors needed for the traders. So the decision-making at the right time decides the profit or loss for any trader. Many decide to trade when the market trend is visible but after taking the apparent right trend position they miss the opportunity to see profit and lose. But the high net worth group of traders, the operators or the market markers deviate from the herd mentality of the traders and trap them very frequently. The market swing, shift in trading zone, emotion or aggressive buy or sell called spike, extended rise or corrections are part of market moves which can easily trigger and exploit human behavioral weakness, the mechanisms used by operators to exploit traders.

Hence our research was on the human decision making process and the factors influencing market volatility and specific moves. It was largely concluded that the electro magnetic impulses coming from various planets when hit the earth troposphere at an angle, refract, penetrate and interfere with human thinking and decision-making exercise and later seen as right or wrong decisions while trading. In humans, the weak and strong mental decision making abilities are influenced or inhibited by surprises, leading to wrong decisions – the mental block. So we analyzed the extraneous influencing factors and found that they could easily trigger the emotions by provoking the secretions cycles of the endocrine glands (the ductless glands,specifically the adrenal and thyroid glads) the cause for emotional decisions.Hence from time immemorial people use to call as good and bad days.A day which is perceived as good by one may not be good for another.All variations in perception are due to their right and wrong decisions and nothing to do with the days and are common to all.

Emotional control and fearless trading:
Emotional expressions are regulated by the nervous system called neuro-hormonal control system.If one needs to develop strong mindset, he or she has to first understand the whole market funtionalities and then the market surprises should not make one stunned.Then the right decision making happens.We educate you to understand the whole market structure and functionality and guide you to develop the skill set to read the intentions of the ‘big market players’ called operators and their market moves to avoid influence of market surprises,then you make fearless decisions in trades at ease.