Dr.S.Sivaraman is the founder and CEO of ipredictindices.com and i-knowindices.com which has been in operation since 1998. He has a Ph.D in applied statistics and had a distinguished carrer as a professor in the University of Madras, Chennai for over 28 years. During his post doctoral work, he developed a statistical algorithm to predict and forecast the direction,trend, trend reversal, time and levels of the world financial markets using astro-physical parameters (’X- Factor’) that influence human decision making and an analysis of herd mentality that govern the direction of markets. He has several analytical and financials articles to his credit and is well known for his webinars and training given on several financial market sites.

For the last 10 years,he is providing forecast for the world currency markets through i-knowindices.com  and ipredictindices.com to various subscribed financial institutions,banks,and traders from different parts of the world. He also provides online Professional trading training to members on how to read the intentions of the operators and make effective trading strategies to earn in any market condition.

Additionaly, he has also contributed ideas for several user friendly features like trailing stop,trailing hedging order etc. within the Actforex® trading platform developed for www.inno-fxinvest.com for his exclusive managed accounts sevices. He also efficiently manages trading accounts for wealth management companies and high-net worth clients. His forecast has been published on fxstreet.com since 2001.His postings like market forecast and readings are als0 displayed in forexpros.com , theforexreviewer.com , forexTV.com, global-view.com etc,.

More than 400 members have taken professional trading training from him and many visited him personally to Chennai ,India and learnt advance trading training and also perceived how he is handling trades and making market reading at ease.