The players are expected to make very volatile moves in the market as it is the last week of month -(26-30 March) – to handle the derivative markets.
There will be up and down alternate moves .Kindly trade with care – use hedge order to limit the risk.

EURO and GBP are expected to make sideways and slide moves and then rise during month end time. USD/YEN is also expected to swing and rise along with EURO and GBP as contrarian move.

Now the day light saving time is on in both US and Europe. Accordingly the session timings will be as follows:

Japanese session- 00:30-07:00 GMT
Gap time 07:00-07:30 GMT

European session 07:30-13:00 GMT
gap time 13:00-13:30 GMT

US session 13:30-20:30 GMT
gap time 20:30-00:30 GMT..

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